5 Tips to Keep Your Records Management Tools Up to Date this Summer

By William B. Meyer, Inc.

Summer is the time of year where many office employees take a much-deserved time off to enjoy the warm weather with family and friends. Now that summer in NYC is in full swing, I notice many records customers passing along their duties to a colleague or intern.

Here are some tips to keep your team ready while you are away from the office:

Keep Authorized User Access up to date

Many offices forget to update or add staff members to their Authorized User list. Customer Service can easily process the updates for you. Alternatively, if you have full Administrative access on the web portal, you can add/delete colleagues throughout the year as contacts change. Authorized Users have access to the records stored. Until someone has access, they will not be able to request boxes or files. To keep from being disturbed

Request portal training for your authorized staff members

Whether you have new staff to train or just want a quick refresher course on the platform, it is always suggested to conduct annual training on the web portal with your key records staff. Portal changes happen throughout the year based on customer feedback, it is helpful to both your firm and your offsite records team to regularly discuss ways to customize the system to meet your business needs.

Set pickup requests through the web

For any regular requests, you can easily set future dates for pickups while you are out of the office. Changes to these requests can be made up until the day before service is set. Recurring pickups help to automate services for both records and mobile shredding.

Do your Spring Cleaning

Part of maintaining an organized inventory of records is setting expiration dates. It is important to set regular reminders throughout the year for authorizing destruction with your records storage vendor. This will help keep your records up-to-date and your storage invoices lighter.

Keep Your Vendor Contact List Handy

When you first startup service with your offsite records management vendor, they send over all the important contact information in your Welcome packet. The contact details include the Customer Service team, Operations team, and your Account Manager. Make sure to distribute the Contact List to all Authorized Users before going on your summer vacation. If there is ever a question on a request, delivery, or invoice – the Customer Service team is always there to help. If you have a question on the service features, contract terms, or simply want to talk about a new way of accomplishing your records management goals – your Account Manger’s details will also be available for reference when you need it.

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