Save-the-Date! October 24, 2024

ALANYC 19th Annual Educational Symposium and Exposition
Synergies Unleashed: Driving Finance, IT, and HR Innovation Through Networking and Collaboration

Join us for an unparalleled symposium where the worlds of finance, IT, and HR converge to explore the dynamic intersection of networking and collaboration in fostering innovation. Delve into the unique challenges and opportunities facing these critical domains as we showcase how strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts can propel law firms to new heights of success. Engage with industry leaders, technology experts, and HR professionals in interactive sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities aimed at igniting creativity and driving transformative change. Whether you’re seeking to optimize financial strategies, leverage cutting-edge technology, or enhance human capital management, this symposium offers a platform to connect, collaborate, and co-create the future of finance, IT, and HR.