The mission of the New York City Chapter is to provide members with high-quality educational programs in legal management and timely information to empower them to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Past Presidents

Part of our success can be attributed to the leadership of our past presidents. The chapter recognizes and thanks them for their contributions. Many of these individuals, who are lifetime members of the chapter because of their past contributions, are still active in our chapter.

Tanya Duprey, 2017-2018
Nellie Lefteratos, 2016-2017
Sharon Stewart, 2015-2016
Stephanie Roman, 2014 – 2015
Patricia B. Isaacson, 2013-2014
Stacy Joyce, CLM, 2012-2013
Diane Fugalli, 2011-2012
John W. Hall, III, CPA, 2010-2011
Kimberly Swetland, 2009-2010
Bernadette M.  Brassington, 2008-2009
Rita I. Thompson, CLM, 2007-2008
Barry Jackson, CLM, CPA, 2006-2007
Frances R.  Voulo-Romani, 2005-2006
Nadia Wagner, 2004-2005
Patricia M. Rudloff, 2003-2004
Dorothy K. Montgomery, 2002-2003
Lynne Rosenthal, 2001-2002
Martha J. Llano (deceased), 2000-2001
Barbara J. Boses, CLM, 1999-2000
Henry Macchiaroli, CLM, 1998-1999
Jacqueline A. Todd, 1997-1998
Evelyn B. Maiman (deceased), 1996-1997
Jeffrey H. Brown, 1995-1996
Alberta M. Poland, 1994-1995
Ellen Jacobs, 1993-1994
Deborah R. Krautheim, 1992-1993
Linda N. Scorsone, 1991-1992
Jack C. Graff, Jr., 1990-1991
Randi Lowenthal, 1989-1990
Donna L. Lavins, 1988-1989
George J. Wolf, Jr., 1987-1988
Phyllis Barr, 1986-1987
Susan C. Finelli, 1985-1986
Julius D. Maiman, 1984-1985
Paul Czeladnicki, 1983-1984
Jane C. Ragle, 1982-1983
Linda B. Jones, 1981-1982
Karen Goad, 1980-1981
Joseph Renaghan, 1979-1980
Arthur G. Levin, 1978-1979
Richard T. Lewis, 1977-1978
Howard Millerin, 1977