Special Interest Groups

ALANYC’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together members with common roles and interests to network, share challenges and collaborate on best practices. Our SIGs include:

Small Firm Forum

A large percentage of ALA members belong in this group and the New York City Chapter is no different. Small Firms often face the same challenges as large firms but with far fewer resources. The Small Firm SIG shares a range of information from cost-saving strategies to staffing concerns.

Rick D’Aversa

Branch Office Forum

Many of our members are the NYC office managers of national and global law firms.  And while these global firms may provide high level structure, there are a plethora of NYC specific laws, customs and challenges that NYC Administrators must face with little guidance. This SIG shares statistics, protocols and other relevant information helpful in educating their headquarters on the needs of a NYC law office.

Rose Jaworecki, Past President

Professional Journey Support Group

The Professional Journey Support Group, “PJSG” offers chapter members who experience challenges such as involuntary job loss, a transitional period or phases of retirement in their careers.  This a group of dedicated ALA members provide guidance, support, coaching, HR knowledge and practical tools to help them move forward towards their goals.   Services provided range from resume review/creation to skills building such as mock interviews, both in-person and over video conferencing, etc.  Our team also supports members new to the legal industry or settling into a new role within legal administration.  We offer some encouragement, guidance and advice as they learn to navigate our landscape. The PJSG is a team of members with a passion to help others succeed.  We also invite members with job coaching, resume building and/or interview technique skills who can set aside a few hours per month assisting fellow colleagues, to join our team.

Team Lead
Melinda Hopkins

Team Liaison
Francine E. Lahm

Santa Medina

Lydia Riley