ALANYC works with members, business partners and local organizations on initiatives to support our community, create social impact, promote inclusion and healthy living and champion environmental awareness.

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Find Inner Tranquility

A member of the BODY Bucket of the New York City Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators
fitALANYC was introduced as a part of the new Mind Body and Soul vision, viewing our members holistically and addressing their educational, emotional, philanthropic and physical needs.

fitALANYC encompasses the physical, psychological and nutritional well-being of our members. It offers opportunities for exercise and yoga, mental health awareness and training, nutrition workshops, and wellness training.

fitALANYC enhances the learning and member experience by providing programs and services that promote healthy lifestyles, mindfulness training, build community by fostering member engagement and chapter success.

We hope you will be inspired to take advantage of this new program that was created just for you!

To enhance your learning experience we offer a diverse slate of programs in fitALANYC.  Here is a list of recent 2018 programs:

  • April 26 – A group of chapter members went rowing at Current fitness.
  • May 10 – we enjoyed our first Vinyasa yoga class with chapter member, Rory Celentano.
  • June 1 -15 – fitALANYC collaborated with the Sustainability Team for a successful Step Challenge.
  • June 6 – saw a group of members participating in a Bachata dance class in Bryant Park.
  • June 8 – the group returned to Bryant Park, this time for Latin jazz and salsa dance lessons.
  • July 17, 19, 24 & 26 – Business Partner Emergency Skills, Inc. conducted a highly successful Mental Health First Aid certification workshop.  Eighteen members of our chapter earned their certificates thus becoming certified Mental Health First Aiders.
  • September 11 – we practiced yoga with chapter member, Rory Celentano.
  • September 25 – fitALANYC once again teamed up with the Sustainability Team for the chapter’s 8-day Step Challenge II and nature photo contest.
  • September 27 – fitALANYC teamed up with our Business Partner, Loeb Leadership for Part 2 of our MBS webinar series on Mindfulness, entitled “Being a Mindful Leader”.
  • October 18 – fitALANYC kicked off our annual symposium with a yoga class at 7am and closed out with a Salsa dance class with professional instructor, Maribel Maldonado.