The mission of the New York City Chapter is to provide members with high-quality educational programs in legal management and timely information to empower them to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently.


ALANYC Diversity Initiative
The ALANYC Diversity Initiative is designed to increase awareness of, and sensitivity to, the differences among our workforce and to advance the concepts of inclusiveness and acceptance. Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee helps to cultivate and foster a dynamic legal management workforce through leadership, awareness and education.

Green Initiatives
ALANYC is committed to leading, educating, advancing and developing green initiatives. In 2009, the Chapter was recognized by the ABA-EPA, joining a long list of leading law firms, for our efforts to perpetuate Green initiatives throughout the NYC legal community.

Community Service
ALANYC works together with its members, firms and business partners to come together to contribute time, energy and resources toward improving their own communities.