Message from ALANYC President Lucille Shyti

Dear Members and Business Partners,

Hopefully by now, you have all seen the announcement from the ALA National Interim Executive Director and President. ALANYC stands firmly by the message they have put forth, standing in solidarity with our Black and Brown communities through recent events and making a commitment to champion justice and equality with the full extent of our resources. As recognized leaders in the organization, it is our duty to be the best examples of how those in our profession can come together and make a difference.

ALANYC is an organization of very diverse membership and we have done some great work to cultivate and foster a dynamic legal management workforce through leadership, awareness and education. We have had numerous educational sessions presented to our members on these timely issues and have sponsored charitable events to benefit those in need in our local community. We have been, and will continue to be, committed to increasing diversity in the association, in the legal management community, and in all legal service organizations, so that we may more accurately reflect the community we serve.

With that said, there’s more work to be done, and I would like to hear from you.

How can ALANYC continue to be a champion for equality and justice today? What works? What can we do better? What resources can we share with one another to educate and inform on the best ways to combat systemic racism in our profession and our communities? In the coming weeks, our Diversity and Inclusion Team will be developing programming to create forums for open dialogue.

Over the next few weeks, I encourage honest dialogue among us, as it is critical to fighting injustice wherever it exists. Let us all commit to a diverse, equitable and inclusive Chapter.

It is my belief that together we can make a difference and inspire others to do the same.

Lucille Shyti, ALANYC President