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Meet Our Members

Suzanne Idise
Vice President
McKool Smith

I am pleased to Chair the Membership Committee for the 2017/2018 term. I know from personal experience that being a member of ALA offers me innumerable benefits. The ability to reach out to and network with this highly skilled group of people, that understand this field, who are happy to help, teach and/or mentor other members through any subject or situation, large or small, is one of the greatest benefits of membership.

Membership Criteria

Membership in the ALA is open to legal administrators and other legal management professionals employed in private law firms, corporate and government legal departments, and educational institutions.

Membership in the International organization is required to participate in the New York City Chapter. Click here to complete the national application.

Regular Members
Legal administrators, regardless of the title by which that individual is recognized within his or her organization, engaged in the management of a legal organization as defined below.

International Affiliate Members
International affiliate membership is available to legal administrators who are engaged in the management of legal organizations outside of the United States and Canada.

Associate Members
Associate membership is available for those individuals who are interested in legal administration, who do not meet the criteria for regular or international affiliate membership, who are practicing lawyers, management services of the types described in (1) (01)-(05) to no more than three legal organizations, retired and unemployed legal administrators, and full-time teachers law-related disciplines and students in law-related studies at institutions of higher, and bar association executives.

Membership Application

To join the chapter, complete the ALANYC application.
To start your ALA membership, complete the membership application.